*Crockpot soup with potatoes, cauliflower & cheddar cheese*


°32 oz frozen broccoli (fresh doesn't stand up well)
°2 Idaho potatoes, slice
°1 box chicken cream
°1 can mushroom cream
°1 small onion, sliced
°2 mince garlic clove (1.5 tsp)
°1 can (14 oz) chicken broth
°1/4 stick butter
°1 piece Velveta cheese
°1 tsp flour
°Salt // pepper to taste

* How to make it:

Peel potatoes, chop garlic, cutting onions to thin slice, also throw them all to crock with all else. Velvetta break best of pieces to little blocks. Simmer on high heat for 4-5 h or to potatoes also broccoli are tasteful.

Enjoy !