Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed sweet peppers with a delicious blend of minced chicken or turkey, herbs, Italian cheese and whole grains of your choice, each stuffed pepper is a healthy and tidy dinner package. 
Every time I make stuffed peppers, I'm reminded of how wonderful they are as some sort of little recipe.
Whether I choose to make these stuffed peppers, Mexican stuffed peppers, spinach and quinoa stuffed peppers, or stuffed peppers in a crock pot, I always look forward to dinner (and leftovers!). 
 Today, I'm sharing this sweet (or spicy) Italian stuffed pepper for healthy eating and meal prep enjoyment.
I consider stuffed peppers to be a great resource when looking for healthy meals.
 * The description is:
° 1 family size can of Beef Rooney Rice
 ° 4 cups of water
 ° 2 small diced tomatoes
Cook for 10 minutes, add 3 pounds of hamburgers and cook for 10 minutes.
 Stuffed with 12 capsicums, pour some tomato sauce, then add the grated cheese.

 Then simmer for 46 minutes. Pour the tomato sauce on the bottom of the pans.