10 amazing but wonderful methods to use onions

If you stay away from onions due to their tendency to stimulate tears in the eyes and horrifying  In addition to diet C and high-quality fiber, onions also contain large amounts of quercetin, which is believed to be a flavonoid to eliminate loose roots in the frame and reduce cardiovascular disease, stroke, and multiple types of risks.  Regardless of the nutritional advantages, onions are special in poultry.

1. Insect repellent: According to WonderHowTo, a bowl of chopped onions anywhere in your house — ants or moths — will make them disappear. Living traditionally, rub fresh onions before going outside to prevent insects from entering your body (onions are sometimes used as a way to get rid of insects).Food: insect repellent for dogs or cats to teach animals to stay away from the active parthousehold, however, onions are surprisingly toxic to pets, so this method is not always recommended.)

2. Bandage for minor wounds.  Onion peels are thin and thin and can line up with pores and skin to help prevent bleeding, consistent with traditional reports, initially, it is undesirable to use preservatives because onions have the antiseptic properties of the herb. 

3: Fill a pair of pantyhose with a pot of pink or yellow onions and tie them together in WonderHowTo, put the pot in a saucepan or saucepan, add water and simmer for 20-30 minutes, then remove.

4. Medicine against nausea.  extract the juice from the white or yellow onion and drink 2 teaspoons at a time; As an alternative, drink 1 teaspoon of bloodless peppermint tea and leave it for 5 minutes between each.

5. Neutral smell. Chop the onion very finely, just looking upwards you can smell an unpleasant smell, especially you can shave off the wool or varnish. Just put the slides in a bowl with some water, and I agree with Reader's Digest, they will be in the center of the room.

6. Grill cleaner. This smooth edge comes from: Cut an onion in half and pierce it with a sturdy fork and grill, then roast the onion until shiny and ready to use.

7. Salt.To relieve dizziness, apply a clean onion to the person's nose. Rusty knife cleaner or follow Reader's Digest tip: Hit the green with your usual stabbing motion.

 9. Debris removal method.You can use the onion to remove the hard part that is not crushing, use scotch tape to glue the small onion.Make it clear that holding it for an hour is enough to remove the debris; WonderHowTo recommends leaving the onion overnight.  

10.Avoid freezing your windshield. The night before wipe the glass with clean onions, “With their powerful disease-fighting flavonoids and so many good things to use at home, you won't be able to eat too many onions!