Cleaning the tub without breaking your back!

Today I'm going to show you my favorite trick for cleaning the tub without bending over. After a long day at work, I love to take a hot bath to relax… The problem is that I hate cleaning the tub!

Not just does the bathtub attract all kinds dirt:
soap residue, mould, limescale deposits... But in addition, you have to bend over and get on your knees to scrub... Hello, the hassle, especially when you have back pain! Fortunately, for 3 years I have been using an ultra-efficient trick to clean my bathtub 
without breaking my back! Look, it works like hell:

What you need
- dishwashing liquid
- a clean broom How to

1. Pour dishwashing liquid over the bottom and sides of your bathtub.
2. Pass a little water on the broom to slightly moisten the bristles.
3. Rub the mop all around the tub to lather up the dishwashing liquid.
4. The degreasing action of dishwashing liquid will quickly remove dirt like soap scum, mildew stains and other stubborn things.
5. Use the showerhead to rinse away any loose dirt in the tub.

Result And voilร , your bathtub is now clean and sparkling clean without having to bend down :-) Easy, fast and efficient, right?
And all this without break your back & hurting your knees. It's still more practical that way! For this trick, I advise you to buy a new broom and keep it only for cleaning the bathtub.

Indeed, it is not with a dirty broom that you will clean the bathtub well. So, the best thing is to buy a new broom for a cheap price like this. If your bathtub is particularly dirty, I advise you to add a little white vinegar to the washing-up liquid for more cleaning action.

A perfect tip for people with reduced mobility This cleaning tip allows anyone to clean their bathtub in 2 minutes flat. But for people with reduced mobility, it can be a real game-changer.

By using a broom with a long handle, you no longer have to bend down or kneel down to scrub the walls of your bathtub. Result, with a broom, the task is not only faster, but also much less physical!

Do you have friends or relatives who have trouble getting around? Could it be arthritis, injury, or just old age? If so, don't forget to share this little cleaning tip with them. It can really make their life easier!