* Ingredients :

° 3 pounds higher than chicken (top) leg portion (boneless, skinless)
° 1 cup soybean dressing
° 1 cup water
° 1 cup sugar
° 5 unopened flower garlic tree(s) (3-5 un-opened flowers of tree, crush
° 1 ginger-root (2-2 pieces, cut loose & long)

* Directions :

The first step:
Blend water also soy sauce, then adding sugar & stir to dissolved
Add ginger and garlic
The second step:
Add chicken pieces
Soaking in salt-water for 24 h to 3 day in total
Third step:
After  have marinated chicken, putting it on a grill & cook as-you would any meat
Putting saucepan on grill, adding dressing to pan also bring to a boil. Reduce heat or move pan to cook through.
The fourth step:
When the chicken pieces are done grilling, put them in the skillet with the marinade.
This will aide steam meat, make it more tender.
Fifth step:
Serve with a plate of lo mein noodles or rice, garnish with chopped green onions and Enjoy !