You may not think you need to clean your dishwasher but you really should. Here are cleaning tips

If you want your dishwasher to save you the hassle of washing dishes for as long as possible, you need to make sure that every one of its components is in top condition. Seals, filter, spray arms ... Here's how to check and maintain these different parts of your dishwasher.

Bosch built-in dishwasher in a kitchen

Filter cleaning
In a dishwasher, the filter is essential, because it ensures the collection of dirt and residues. Its mission is to prevent all these impurities from eventually clogging the drain pump, which is used to evacuate the water. To clean the filter of your Bosch dishwasher, you must:

remove the lower basket;
unscrew the central cylinder of the filter and lift it;
disassemble the different parts that make up the filter;
clean the inside and outside of the filter by running it under water and brushing it gently;
do the same with all the elements;
reassemble the filtration system and place it back in the dishwasher.
Bosch dishwasher filter cleaning

Cleaning the door seals
The gaskets guarantee the perfect seal of your device and must therefore be in perfect condition. For this, you need to clean them regularly. A simple soft cloth dampened with soapy water is more than enough to rid them of their impurities.

Bosch built-in dishwasher in a kitchen

Practical and functional, the Bosch dishwasher will perfectly fit your custom kitchen

Cleaning the drain pump
The drain pump is used to drain your dishwasher, in other words to empty the cleaning and rinsing water used during a wash cycle. Sometimes the drain pump gets blocked. Result: your dishwasher is clogged. To access it, you must:

remove the lower basket;
unscrew the central cylinder of the filter and lift it;
scoop the water if necessary with a large sponge;
remove the pump cover located at the bottom of the compartment;
remove dirt and residue that clogs the pump;
check that the rotor turns normally;
reposition the pump cover then the filter.
Remember to wear gloves to protect yourself from any sharp objects.