This is an efficient way to get rid of all the cockroaches in your home.

The most efficient solutions to combat cockroaches.

1 - Cleaning
A thorough cleaning of the house, without forgetting the nooks and crannies, the bedposts, the kitchen and the garbage cans is the number 1 condition for controlling cockroaches.  

2 - Vacuum cleaning
Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner can be effective in the fight against cockroaches as long as the device bag is properly sealed in a plastic bag before throwing it in the fire or in a recycling center.  
You can also drown the bag in a bucket of water.
Vacuum everywhere without forgetting along the walls.

3 - Cleaning with a steam cleaner
This vinegar steam cleanse was recommended to us by one of our readers as the most effective remedy.
It also has the advantage of being safe for us children and animals.
Fill your steam cleaner with white vinegar and water and clean everything: floor, baseboard, wall, kitchen, under the sink, inside cupboards, bathroom, under furniture ...  

4 - essential oils of lemon and eucalyptusPour a few drops of essential oil on newspaper that you will place under the sink, the fridge or any place that cockroaches like. 
This solution is only effective at the beginning of a cockroach infestation, when there are few of them.

5 - Cardboard traps
You can also control cockroaches and cockroaches by using traps, by making cardboard boxes with glue on the inside and garnished with a little food or pheromones.  
Place these traps in strategic places then lock them in plastic bags that you will get rid of.
What to do with the bag
While it's not really tasty, put this bag in the freezer for a while, the roaches will be wiped out by the cold.
Or burn the bag.

6 - Flour and sugar
Another method of controlling cockroaches: pour over the place of passage of cockroaches plaster mixed with white flour and powdered sugar.
Place a deep plate filled with water next to it.
The bowel obstruction that follows will not be forgiving.

7 - Lavender essence
Pour on pieces of cotton (or clay pebbles) 6 drops of essential oil of fine lavender.
Place them everywhere, and especially in your cupboards.
To be renewed every day.

8 - Cold
In winter, when you leave home, turn off the heating and open the windows wide, cockroaches hate the cold.
At a temperature below -4 ° C, they will go away.

9 - White vinegar
This tip, safe for us and our children, was given to us by a reader of Toutpratique, who successfully tested it.
Spray vinegar down walls, under living room and kitchen furniture, and wherever cockroaches may arrive or settle.
Result of his experience? After 2 days all the cockroaches are gone.

10- Vinegar cleaning
Clean the wall behind the stove with white vinegar - cockroaches and cockroaches love the grease that sticks there!
If your wall is tiled, feel free to use a toothbrush dipped in pure vinegar to scrub the joints.
If you have carpets, clean them with white vinegar as well.