New Military Diet Promises 10 Pound Weight Loss In 3 Days

One week to lose weight fast, that's the promise of the military diet. While this diet may bring the desired and desired effects in such a short time, it is not without its risks. We are setting up the military system.

Military diet: what is it?
 It will allow a rapid weight loss of up to exactly 4.5 kg in just one week. This system is expressed in two very distinct phases. The first relates to the first three days of the week, during which you should follow the diet based on low-calorie meals. 

Obviously, only very specific foods can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner during this period.Forget about snacking, you should forget about  snacks for those first 3 days.Over the next four days, restrictions will ease, but those on  military diets still encourage healthy eating.

What foods are allowed under the military diet?
During the first phase of the diet, the calorie intake should be 1,500 calories per day. To implement this diet, you should stick to a letter list in order to get the best possible benefits, which is a significant weight loss.

Foods allowed during the first three days of the diet are:

tea or coffee
Peanut Butter
the bread
Meat (in very small amounts)
the Apple
Vanilla sundae
an egg
  Crackers or savory cookies (in small amounts)
White cheese

In terms of drinking, water is highly recommended as part of this diet. Tea or coffee is also allowed, provided that no cream or sugar is added.