Learn how to cleaning pee off furnitures or carpets with one surprising household ingredient !

Your carpet is dirty, stained, or smelly. Ugh! But the price of dry cleaning will be much higher than the purchase price. Don't panic, there are simple and inexpensive solutions to renovate your carpet. Here are our top tips, editor approved and tested.

1) How do you keep your carpet so it doesn't get dirty
Vacuum at least once a week, with the brush fully extended, and harder to pass, but more effective. This helps straighten hair and remove dust as you go. If your rug is a tall pile, you can dust it off.
2) Protect your carpet from furniture traces
Traces of furniture are often indelible, because over time the pile or even weft of the carpet is completely crushed. To remedy this, insert a small piece of carpet cut to the dimensions of a foot of furniture. To remove these effects, use a steam iron set to the cotton setting, place it over the mashed bristles without pressing them and brush the hair while straightening the hair. 
3) Never clean isolated spots
Your carpet is not necessarily clean and any cleaning on a small area will necessarily leave a  If you drop anything solid or liquid, immediately scoop it up with two spoons and wipe with paper towels. To clean the rug, you have to do it all over the surface!
Be careful, all of the solutions recommended below should be tested on a small patch before getting started, because wool, silk, cotton or synthetics don't react at all in the same way with products and colors can bleed. 
4) The Magical Way to Clean Grease-Stained Carpet
 Scrub your carpet with a cloth dampened with the solution and once it is soiled, change it up. Work on a 30 x 30 cm square at a time. Then rub the rug with a dry cloth and let it dry without stepping on it. To do the occasion of spring cleaning.
5) Steam clean your carpet
If you have a steam cleaner, avoid putting the cleaner in the tank to use as little water as possible (so you don't soak the carpet), run the cleaner against the grain, and avoid walking on wet parts.  Change the cleaning cloth regularly, then let it dry completely before use.