This marinated salad is a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy those fresh summer vegetables, and it is really simple to make. For a little more flavor, try incorporating some fresh herbs or feta cheese into the dish. You may also use seasoned pepper in lieu of plain ground pepper to give your dish an extra taste boost. Seasoned pepper is a pepper that has been seasoned with additional spices. 
This recipe for Marinated Tomato Cucumber Salad makes use of the many summer veggies available and mixes them with the most delightfully simple marinade possible. 

Just to be honest with you guys, I'm not sure there are any other veggies that yell "SUMMEEEEEERRR!" as loudly as tomatoes and cucumbers do. Tomatoes and cucumbers are two of the most popular vegetables to produce in home gardens since they are so simple to grow. And they proliferate in profusion! My favorite way to use up garden vegetables is to create this Marinated Tomato Cucumber Salad recipe, which serves as a refreshing side dish for my summer dinners. It also makes for a deliciously light lunch option. The marinade really brings out the best in the veggies while still letting their natural tastes show through, which is a great combination. It is my goal that you will attempt this recipe if you have never made marinated tomato-cucumber salad before!


– Cucumbers, I used three large-sized, I peeled and cut them into ¼-inch thick slices.  

– Four large ripe tomatoes, you need to cut them into wedges. 

– A medium sweet onion, I sliced it into thin strips. 

– ½ Cup.Of white vinegar.

– ½ Cup.Of virgin olive oil.

– ⅓ Cup.Of water. 

– 3 Tbsp.Of granulated sugar.

– 1 Tbsp.Of kosher salt.

– 2 Tsp.Of freshly ground black pepper.

– Fresh basil leaves, sliced into strips. 


– First Step: Toss-sliced cucumbers, tomato wedges, and thinly sliced sweet onion together in a large mixing basin. While you're preparing the marinade, set the bowl aside. 

– Second Step: Shake the ingredients in a big mason jar with a lid until thoroughly combined: vinegar, water, olive oil, sugar, salt, and pepper. Alternatively, you may combine all of the marinade ingredients in a large mixing bowl by whisking them together. 

– Third Step: Pour the marinade over the cucumber/tomato combination in a large mixing dish, then toss in the cut basil. 

– Fourth Step: Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator for approximately 2 hours to cool. 

– Fifth Step: Optional: To serve, thoroughly mix the ingredients together and then drain most of the marinade out of the bowl.

Outback Steakhouse Blooming Onion

The Outback Steakhouse Blooming Onion is a signature dish that has been served since the restaurant first opened its doors. You can cook this Blooming Onion snack in the same manner that they do, and you won't need any special equipment to do this. 

This was one of my very first copycat recipes, I believe. I recall the first time I tasted this blooming onion since it was a memorable experience. When an onion is cut in such a manner that it opens up, some would even say it "blooms," this is what happens.
Flowers are battered and deep-fried till golden brown, and the finished product is served with a delicious sauce. I am certain that you will be as awestruck as I was the first time you see this masterpiece. 

Preparing this onion isn't too difficult since the components are pretty straightforward. You'll need a lot of big sweet onions for this recipe. It is OK to use a Vidalia or even a 1015 onion. This dish will be enhanced greatly by using a big sweet onion. You'll also need beer, flour, spices, and frying oil for this project. Peanut oil is my preferred cooking oil, followed by vegetable oil as a second choice. Any liquid oil would suffice, but I like peanut oil since it makes the onion crispier.

And now, let me show you what you'll need for this recipe and the process to make it from scratch, it's one of the best side dishes on our menu!! and everyone loves it!! adults and children too!! don't hesitate to make it as soon as possible!!


• 4 large sweet onions. 

• 1½ Cups.Of all-purpose flour. 

• ⅓ Cup.Of cornstarch. 

• 2 small spoons.Of minced garlic.

• 2 small spoons.Of smoked paprika.

• 1 small spoon.Of table salt.

• 2 small spoons.Of black pepper.

• A beer of 12-ounces. 


• 2 Cups.Of flour.

• 4 small spoons.Of smoked paprika. 

• 2 small spoons.Of garlic powder. 

• ½ small spoon.Of cracked pepper. 

• ½ small spoon.Of cayenne pepper. 


• Step 1 – To begin, combine the cornstarch, with flour, and spices in a large mixing bowl until thoroughly combined. Pour in the beer and stir well. Approximately 3/4" of the way through "remove the onion's top and peel it 

• Step 2 – Secondly, you need to cut 12 to 16 vertical wedges into the onion, but do not cut through the bottom root end of the onion. Approximately 1 pound is removed "derived from the center of the onion's petals 

• Step 3 – It is possible that you may want to gently split the onion petals, but be careful not to do so too much or the onion will be ruined. 

• Step 4 – And now, shake the excess flour off the onion once it has been dipped in it. Separate petals so that they may be completely coated with batter. 

• Step 5 – After that, dip your fingers into the batter. Repeat the process with the flour mixture. Gently put in a deep-fryer basket and deep-fry for 1 and 1/2 minutes at 375 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

• Step 6 – And fry for a further 1 1/2 minutes after flipping. Using paper towels, soak up the excess liquid. 

• Step 7 – In a shallow dish, set the onion upright and cut off the central core with a circular cutter or an apple corer. 

• Step 8 – To finish, you can serve them with Creamy Spicy Sauce on the side.