Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon pie is one of those traditional cakes we all know and love, and who could counter the sharp taste of lemon combined with the clean texture of meringue? No doubt we do!

For all the mortals who love chocolate with lemon like us and need to discover ways to make the traditional lemon and meringue pie but with a less difficult procedure, at ineskohl.data we fit our version. As many are aware, this lemon pie is made using a shorter consistency, a dough that some may find difficult to put together. So, we decided to make it with Maria cookies. Read on and find out how to make a lemon pie with a cookie base.

* ingredients :

° Two hundred grams of Maria biscuits (one package).
° 170gm sweet butter
+ To assemble the lemon cream:
° 1 can of condensed milk
 ° One hundred ml of lemon juice
 ° Three egg yolks
+To assemble the meringue:
° Three egg whites
° 2 tablespoons of sugar

* Directions :

First, install the cookie base. To do this, immerse the Maria cookies in a food processor, or if this is not possible, put them in a plastic bag and roll them with a rolling pin.

Put the soaked biscuits in a bowl with the melted butter and mix well. If you feel the butter is missing, load it in step by step until you have a pressed dough through the spoon.

Tip: Preheat the oven to two hundred degrees Celsius.

Line the mold with butter paper and spread the bottom of the Maria cake, covering the bottom completely. If you wish, you can also cover the mold sections. Bake the bottom for 15 minutes. If you choose to make lemon pie with any other type of base, check out this pastry dessert recipe.

Tip: If you don't need to put the oven in, keep the mold next to the cake base inside the refrigerator.

While the biscuit base is baking, put the pie filling together. To do this, take a bowl and mix lemon juice with condensed milk and egg yolk. Mix them well until you get a homogeneous cream to form a delicious lemon pie with condensed milk and biscuits.

Tip: If you no longer have condensed milk now, you can use condensed cream.

After 15 minutes, remove the mildew from the oven, let it cool and pour the lemon cream over the biscuit base. Bake the cake for 20 minutes and the temperature is now 180°C.

While the lemon tart and biscuits are baking, put the meringues together by whisking the egg whites until stiff. At this point, load in the sugar and keep the whisk to make it. You will notice that the meringue has been prepared while the bureaucracy turns to peaks and does not fall off as you switch the bowl.

Once you make the lemon pie, take it out of the oven and let it cool. Then, with the help of the spatula, spread the meringue all over the floor and bake the cake again until golden brown, keeping the temperature at 180 ° C.

When golden brown, remove pan from oven, let cool and serve lemon pie with a biscuit base. And in case you need to serve it at any other time, keep it inside the fridge and that's it! It's best to work lemon pie with dessert throughout a meal with friends or to wonder about your partner without witnessing a one-of-a-kind event. And in case you don't have an oven and need to make this fluffy pie, take a look at this no-oven lemon pie recipe, and substitute the shortened pastry for a cookie base.

If you want lemon pie recipe with cookie base, we support you by going to our cake recipes category.

Best lemon and meringue pie

The lemon meringue pie is usually the only one with easy instructions and great taste, just like the ones we simply shared! This lemon pie with condensed milk and biscuits is perfect for any occasion and might just be one of all our favourites. However, to facilitate the procedure, to update components, or to study unusual details, we will suit a few different suggestions and tricks:

To get away from using the oven, you can keep the cookie base inside the refrigerator. For lemon filling, we recommend changing 100ml of egg yolk with heavy cream or whipping cream. Simply whip the cream, mix it with condensed milk and lemon juice, pour it on the bottom, and leave it in the refrigerator.
To whip the cream better, the infallible trick is to whisk it without blood or to put the box containing the cream inside any other filled with ice.

To make the meringue, we advocate using an electric whisk, the egg whites are whisked this way better.

Enjoy it !