French fries and southern onions are a soft side dish to the skillet. Potatoes, onions, and oil are the only coveted ingredients for this easy dish. Just a few ingredients that provide great taste !

When you're looking for something easy as a side dish, potatoes and onions constantly pop up for plates to me. This dish is a skillet of golden brown potatoes that are tender and tasty. This is no ordinary french fries dish. Now not at all! These fried potatoes are amazing.

** How to make fried potatoes and onions :

* ingredients:

° onions

° pepper

° red potatoes

° Creole seasoning and garlic

° oil

* Directions :

Fry onions and peppers in a little oil,

Add the diced potatoes (we choose crimson) and a little oil, season (we use Creole seasoning and garlic), and cook until soft, stirring regularly.

Remove from skillet to drain extra oil.

I do inside the oven and electric frying pan.

Enjoy !